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1. ISBN 1846683815 Zoom

SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome

Professor Mary Beard
2. ISBN 1509816070 Zoom

The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World

Catherine Nixey
3. ISBN 1847924077 Zoom

Aristotle’s Way: How Ancient Wisdom Can Change Your Life

Edith Hall
4. ISBN 1846684714 Zoom

Pompeii: The Life of a Roman Town

Mary Beard
5. ISBN 0691175276 Zoom

In Search of the Phoenicians (Miriam Balmuth Lectures in Ancient History and Archaeology) (Miriam S. Balmuth Lectures in Ancient History and Archaeology)

Josephine Quinn
6. ISBN 1847924514 Zoom

A People's Tragedy: The Russian Revolution – centenary edition with new introduction

Orlando Figes
7. ISBN 1780224737 Zoom

Istanbul: A Tale of Three Cities

Bettany Hughes
8. ISBN 034911563X Zoom

Rubicon: The Triumph and Tragedy of the Roman Republic

Tom Holland
9. ISBN 0300178638 Zoom

The Mysteries of Artemis of Ephesos: Cult, Polis, and Change in the Graeco-Roman World (Synkrisis)

Guy Maclean Rogers
10. ISBN 1350017256 Zoom

Classics in Extremis (Bloomsbury Studies in Classical Reception)

Edmund Richardson
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