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The National Trust Book of Scones: Delicious Recipes and Odd Crumbs of History

Sarah Clelland
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Paterson's Roads, Being An. Accurate Description Of All The. Cross Roads In England And Wales, With Parts Of The Roads Of Scotland. The 18th Cities, Market Towns. The Whole. Improve

Edward Mogg
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A History of Wales

John Davies
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The Spirit of Snowdonia (Spirit of X10 Pack)

Jerry Rawson
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History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier: My Day in Court with David Irving (P.S.)

Deborah E. Lipstadt
6. ISBN 9780062659651 Zoom

Denial: Holocaust History on Trial

Deborah E. Lipstadt
7. ISBN 1291985271 Zoom

Welsh Legends and Myths

Graham Watkins
8. ISBN 0199571848 Zoom

Fiery Shapes: Celestial Portents and Astrology in Ireland and Wales, 700-1700

Mark Williams
9. ISBN 0008112800 Zoom

Pembrokeshire (Collins New Naturalist Library)

Jonathan Mullard
10. ISBN 0224097083 Zoom

A Hero for High Times: A Younger Reader’s Guide to the Beats, Hippies, Freaks, Punks, Ravers, New-Age Travellers and Dog-on-a-Rope Brew Crew Crusties of the British Isles, 1956–1994

Ian Marchant
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