Händel: Chöre

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ISBN 0886975695324 Zoom Balthasar-Neumann-ChorBalthasar-Neumann-EnsembleThomas HengelbrockMichael SandnerSimone KermesSara MingardoSteve DavislimHilary SummersSonia PrinaVito PrianteIl Complesso BaroccoAlan CurtisNuria RialGeraldine McgreevyDavid Wilson-JohnsonCurtis StreetmanKammerorchester BaselPaul GoodwinAndreas WernerPaolo Antonio RolliGli ScarlattistiCapella PrincipaleJochen M. ArnoldKölner KammerchorCollegium CartusianumPeter NeumannMartin NearyDavid MottleyMartin BakerDonald BurrowsWestminster Abbey ChoirChristine SchäferMichael SchadeGerald FinleyArnold Schoenberg ChorConcentus Musicus WienErwin OrtnerNikolaus HarnoncourtFriedemann EngelbrechtF. MottlPlacido DomingoWiener SängerknabenWiener SymphonikerHelmuth FroschauerWolf Erichson
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Unfortunately we could not find any stores offering the CD with EAN '0886975695324'.
Unfortunately we could not find any stores offering the CD with EAN '0886975695324'.

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