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The Nation's Favourite Carols

City of London Choir Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Hilary Davan Wetton


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The Great British Carol Collection

Label: Sony Music Classical
Format: Audio CD
Released: 01 December 2014
Rank: 12045
Discs: 2
EAN: 0888750377029
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Classic Christmas Carols

Artist: Choir of St Georges Chapel
Label: EMI Gold
Format: Audio CD
Released: 14 November 2011
Rank: 17633
EAN: 5099967921522
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Carols from King's

Label: EMI Classics
Format: Audio CD
Released: 17 November 1997
Rank: 15838
EAN: 0724355653727
EAN 0724355725622

A Classic Christmas - The Ultimate Collection of Christmas Classics and Carols

Label: EMI
Format: Audio CD
Released: 26 November 2001
Rank: 37654
EAN: 0724355725622
EAN 0028947886563

Carols With St. Paul's Cathedral Choir

Artist: St. Paul's Cathedral Choir Andrew Carwood
Label: Decca
Format: Audio CD
Released: 20 November 2015
Rank: 36674
EAN: 0028947886563
EAN 0888751547223

Now That's What I Call Christmas

Label: Now!
Format: Audio CD
Released: 06 November 2015
Rank: 1000
Discs: 3
EAN: 0888751547223
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The Best Christmas Carols Album In The World...Ever!

Label: Kingsway
Format: Audio CD
Released: 07 November 2011
Rank: 57390
Discs: 3
EAN: 5019282326222
EAN 0602527821290

John Rutter - The Colours of Christmas

Artist: John Rutter Royal Philharmonic Orchestra The Bach Choir Over The Bridge
Label: Decca Records Classics
Format: Audio CD
Released: 28 November 2011
Rank: 21395
EAN: 0602527821290
EAN 5060143495151

It's Christmas! (Best Sellers) [Double CD]

Artist: Various Artists
Label: Not Now Music
Format: Audio CD
Released: 07 October 2013
Rank: 37324
EAN: 5060143495151
EAN 5060228550355

The Music of Christmas : An Orchestral Collection of Christmas Carols

Artist: Carmen Dragon
Label: Nimrod
Format: Audio CD
Rank: 84601
EAN: 5060228550355