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Malta 1940–42: The Axis' air battle for Mediterranean supremacy (Air Campaign)

Ryan K. Noppen
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Landscape Heterogeneity and Disturbance (Ecological Studies)

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Chepstow Castle: Chepstow Bulwarks Camp, Runston Church (CADW Guidebooks)

Rick TurnerJeremy K. KnightCadw: Welsh Historic Monuments
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Wellness: Guidelines for a Healthy Lifestyle

Brent Q. HafenWerner W.K. HoegerLori Turner
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The Archaeological Journal Volume 130 for 1973

G J WainrightA Penny and J E WoodK F Hartley & P V WebsterA C HogarthC A Ralegh RadfordH M TaylorCecil A HewettJ B Post & A J TurnerJames Simpson
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Playboy Stories: The Best of Forty Years of Short Fiction

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The Making of Meredith (Meredith & Hodge Series)

M K Turner
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Playboy Book of Science Fiction

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The History of Hell

Alice K. Turner
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The Innocence of Father Brown: A Radio Dramatization (Father Brown Series)

G. K. ChestertonMatthew J. Elliott
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