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Too Big to Walk: The New Science of Dinosaurs

Brian J. Ford
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BSE: The Facts

Brian J. Ford
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Secret Weapons: Technology, Science and the Race to Win World War II (General Military)

Brian J Ford
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The Broken Heart (New Mermaids)

John Ford
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Single Lens: Story of the Simple Microscope

Brian Ford
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Images of Science: A History of Scientific Illustration

Brian J. Ford
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Secret Weapons: Death Rays, Doodlebugs and Churchill’s Golden Goose (General Military)

Brian J Ford
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Fearful Symmetries

Garth NixCaitlin R. KiernanPat CadiganJeffery FordLaird BarronBrian EvensonMichael Marshall SmithStephen Graham JonesRobert ShearmanCarole Johnstone
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Single Lens: The Story of the Simple Microscope

Brian J. Ford
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German Secret Weapons: Blueprint for Mars (Purnell's History of 2nd World War, Weapons Book No 5.)

Brian J. Ford
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