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1. ISBN 1570629676 Zoom

Women of Sufism: A Hidden Treasure

Camille Adams Helminski
2. ISBN 1590308948 Zoom

The Rumi Daybook: 365 Poems and Teachings from the Beloved Sufi Master

Kabir HelminskiCamille Adams Helminski
3. ISBN 0939660199 Zoom

Rumi's Sun: The Teachings of Shams of Tabriz

Shams of Tabriz
4. ISBN 0998125822 Zoom

Ninety-Nine Names of the Beloved: Intimations of the Beauty and Power of the Divine

Camille Hamilton Adams Helminski
5. ISBN 0692407596 Zoom

Meditations for InterSpiritual Practice: A Collection of Practices from the World's Spiritual Traditions

Netanel Miles-Yepez
6. ISBN 0939660601 Zoom

The Light of Dawn: Daybook of Verses from the Holy Qur'an

7. ISBN 1904510159 Zoom

The Book of Nature, A Sourcebook of Spiritual Perspectives on Nature and the Environment (The Education Project Series)

Camille Adams Helminski
8. ISBN 1570625301 Zoom

Rumi Daylight: A Daybook of Spiritual Guidance

Camille Adams Helminski
9. ISBN 1570625972 Zoom

Light of Dawn: Daily Readings from the Holy Qur'an

Camille Adams Helminski
10. ISBN 1904510094 Zoom

The Book of Character: An Anthology of Writings on Virtue from Islamic and Other Sources (Education Project)

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