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1. ISBN 154412063X Zoom

Safe Haven: Rise of the RAMs: Volume 1

Christopher Artinian
2. ISBN 1548413585 Zoom

Safe Haven: Realm of the Raiders: Volume 2

Christopher Artinian
3. ISBN 198689911X Zoom

Safe Haven - Reap of the Righteous: Volume 3

Christopher Artinian
4. ISBN 1725170310 Zoom

A Zombie Novella - Before Safe Haven: Lucy

Christopher Artinian
5. ISBN 1730908217 Zoom

A Zombie Novella - Before Safe Haven: Alex

Christopher Artinian
6. ISBN 1979713766 Zoom

Tales from the Zombie Road: The Long Haul Anthology

David A. Simpson
7. ISBN 1626760403 Zoom

Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anthology

R. L. BlalockGrivanteMichael PierceChristopher ArtinianE. E. IsherwoodMark Cusco AilesT. D. RickettsBrea BehnJessica GomezSamie Sands
8. ISBN 1976455502 Zoom

Treasured Chests - A Zombie Anthology

Marc MooreDiane CoughlinPeter MckeirnonClaire C RileyDevon C FordMarilyn PeakeDavid A SimpsonRebecca BesserChristopher ArtinianRicky FleetR L ChambersT D RickettsGrivanteValerie LioudisM R WallaceKevin J KennedyAndrew LennonSteve HiggsJaime JohneseeStuart KeaneMatt Hickman
9. ISBN 1790603919 Zoom

Safe Haven - Ice: Book 4 of the Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Horror series

Christopher Artinian
10. ISBN 1729072488 Zoom

Trick-or-Treat Thrillers - Best Paranormal - 2018

Roma GrayDavid A. SimpsonChristopher ArtinianKathryn Meyer GriffithJ. TonzelliKevin CandellaJoseph CautilliEssel PrattWilliam BoveBrian Wemesfelder