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Once Upon a Time in The West Shooting a Masterpiece

Christopher FraylingQuentin TarantinoAngelo Novi (Photographer)
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The Hound of the Baskervilles (Penguin Classics)

Arthur Conan Doyle
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Frankenstein: The First Two Hundred Years

Christopher Frayling
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On Craftsmanship: Towards a New Bauhaus (Oberon Masters Series)

Christopher Frayling
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French New Wave

Tony NourmandGraham MarshChristopher Frayling
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Sergio Leone: Something to Do with Death

Christopher Frayling
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The Yellow Peril: Dr Fu Manchu & The Rise of Chinaphobia

Christopher Frayling
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Inside The Bloody Chamber: Aspects of Angela Carter

Christopher Frayling
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Spaghetti Westerns,cowboys and europeans: Cowboys and Europeans from Karl May to Sergio Leone (Cinema and Society)

Christopher Frayling
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Gothic Reader: A Critical Anthology

Martin MyroneChristopher Frayling
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