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Ant-Man: Scott Lang by David Michelinie (2015-06-30)

David Michelinie;Bob Layton;Tom Defalco
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The Avengers: Nights of Wundagore (Marvel Pocketbooks) by David Michelinie (2013-04-18)

David Michelinie;Mark Gruenwald;Steven Grant;John Byrne
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Star Wars Omnibus - A Long Time Ago... (Vol. 5) by David Michelinie (2012-03-23)

David Michelinie;Klaus Janson;Carmine Infantino;Luke McDonnell;Tom Palmer;Jo Duffy;Archie Goodwin;Ron Frenz
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Superman vs. Predator by David Michelinie (2001-10-01)

David Michelinie
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Marvel Masterworks: Ms. Marvel Vol. 2 by Chris Claremont (2016-07-26)

Chris Claremont;Jim Shooter;David Michelinie;Bob Layton
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Avengers: Nights of Wundagore by David Michelinie (2009-02-18)

David Michelinie
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Superman: The Death of Clark Kent (Superman (DC Comics)) by Karl Kesel (1997-05-01)

Karl Kesel;Dan Jurgens;David Michelinie;Louise Simonson;Roger Stern
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Spider-Man: The Complete Alien Costume Saga Book 1 by Tom Defalco (2014-08-19)

Tom Defalco;Al Milgrom;David Michelinie;Cary Burkett;Tony Isabella;Louise Simonson
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Avengers: The Trial of Yellowjacket (Avengers (Marvel Unnumbered)) by Jim Shooter (2012-08-15)

Jim Shooter;David Michelinie;Steven Grant;Roger Stern
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Spider-Man: Son of the Goblin by J. M. DeMatteis (2004-07-28)

J. M. DeMatteis;Gerry Conway;David Michelinie
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