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Eat, Taste, Heal: An Ayurevdic Cookbook for Modern Living

Dr Thomas Yarema M D


EAN 9781611802290

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook: A Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well

Authors: Kate O'Donnell, Cara Brostrom
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Shambhala Publications Inc
Published: 04 January 2016
Rank: 13982
Pages: 276
ISBN: 9781611802290
List Price: £25.00
EAN 9780749927653

The Complete Book Of Ayurvedic Home Remedies: A comprehensive guide to the ancient healing of India

Author: Vasant Lad
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Piatkus
Published: 02 November 2006
Rank: 19948
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9780749927653
List Price: £18.99
EAN 9781844009350

A Pukka Life

Author: Sebastian Pole
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd
Published: 19 December 2011
Rank: 20648
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781844009350
List Price: £14.99
EAN 9781849494298

Eat Right for Your Body Type: The Super-healthy Diet Inspired by Ayurveda

Author: Anjum Anand
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd
Published: 02 January 2014
Rank: 126865
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781849494298
List Price: £9.99
EAN 9780914955009

Ayurveda, the Science of Self-healing: A Practical Guide

Author: Vasant Lad
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Lotus Press
Published: 01 January 1984
Rank: 42579
Pages: 175
ISBN: 9780914955009
List Price: £10.50
EAN 9781883725051

Ayurvedic Cooking for Self-Healing

Authors: Usha Lad, Vasant Lad
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Ayurvedic Press
Published: 04 April 2006
Rank: 41439
Pages: 254
ISBN: 9781883725051
List Price: £14.50
EAN 9780914955061

The Ayurvedic Cook Book: A Personalized Guide to Good Nutrition and Health

Author: Amadea Morningstar
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Lotus Press
Published: 01 June 1990
Rank: 412254
Pages: 351
ISBN: 9780914955061
List Price: £17.50
EAN 9781780286914

The Body Balance Diet Plan: Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Feel Fantastic with the Science of Ayurveda

Author: Emine Ali Rushton
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Watkins Publishing
Published: 16 April 2015
Rank: 49107
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781780286914
List Price: £7.99
EAN 9781118306703

Ayurveda for Dummies

Author: Angela Hope-Murray
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Published: 12 April 2013
Rank: 138194
Pages: 288
ISBN: 9781118306703
List Price: £15.99
EAN 9781622038275

Ayurveda Lifestyle Wisdom: A Complete Prescription to Optimize Your Health, Prevent Disease, and Live with Vitality and Joy (The Godmothers)

Author: Acharya Shunya
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Sounds True Inc
Published: 01 February 2017
Rank: 108422
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9781622038275
List Price: £22.50