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The Letters and Private Papers of William Makepeace Thackeray, Volume IV, (1857-1863)

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Buried Life: Study of the Relation Between Thackeray's Fiction and His Personal History

Gordon N. Ray
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H.G.Wells and Rebecca West

Gordon N. Ray
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H.G.Wells and Rebecca West by Gordon N. Ray (1974-11-21)

Gordon N. Ray
5. ASIN B001F3T21O

Henry James and H.G. Wells: A Record of Their Friendship, Their Debate on the Art of

Leon Edel; (Editors & Introductions) Gordon N. Ray
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H G Wells And Rebecca West

Ray Gordon N
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Gordon N. Ray
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The buried life: A study of the relation between Thackeray's fiction and his personal history

Gordon N Ray
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The Buried Life

Gordon N. Ray
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The Story of Mr Polly (Riverside editions)

H. G. Wells
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