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4000 des Alpes : Les plus belles courses d'alpinisme

Wolfgang PuschHelmut DumlerWilli-P BurkhardtCollectif
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High Mountains of the Alps - Volume One: NTW: 1 (Teach Yourself)

Helmut DumlerWilli Burkhardt
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The High Mountains of the Alps: The Four-thousand-metre peaks (4000m) Peaks Vol 1 by Dumler & Burkhardt (1993) Hardcover

Helmut DumlerWilli P Burkhardt
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The High Mountains Of The Alps. Volume 1: The Four - Thousand - Metre Peaks.

Helmut And Burkhardt, Willi P Dumler
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Les 4000 des Alpes

Helmut DumlerWilli-P Burkhardt
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Les 4000 des Alpes : Itinéraires pour les plus hauts sommets

Helmut DumlerWilli Burkhardt
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The High Mountains of the Alps by Helmut Dumler (1994-02-02)

Helmut Dumler;Willi P. Burkhardt
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Tier und Nachricht

Burkhardt Dietrich Wolfgang Schleidt und Altner Helmut
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Signale in der Tierwelt. Vom Vorsprung der Natur.

Wolfgang Schleidt+ Helmut Altner. Herausgegeben von Dietrich Burkhardt
10. ISBN 8489969116 Zoom

Altas montañas de los Alpes

Willi BurkhardtHelmut Dumler
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