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Journals of Horror: Found Fiction

Terry M. WestTodd KeislingPD CacekGlenn RolfeD.S. UlleryRobin DoverLori R. LopezJeff O'BrienRegina WestMichael Thomas-KnightMichael SeesePaul D. MarksPaula CappaStuart Keane
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The 3 H's Trilogy: (The Head, The House, and The Hell)

Brian Barr
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Demons of Bathoria: Byron the Barbarian: Book Three: Volume 3

Jeff O'BrienKendall R Hart
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The Horror of Castle Valgorn: Byron the Barbarian: Book Two: Volume 2

Jeff O'Brien
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The Sorceress Queen: Volume 1 (Byron the Barbarian)

Jeff O'Brien
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The Official Handbook Of The Invincible Universe

Dusty AbellEliot R. BrownDavid CampbellSean O'BrienChris TolworthStuart VandalPeter Sanderson
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Queen of Hell: A Novella

Jeff O'Brien
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Bunuel's The Exterminating Angel: a personal analysis: Volume 1 (RoosterVision)

Andrew Hook
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Tales from Empress: Krummi the Sheildmaiden: Book 1 of Tales from Empress: Volume 1

Brian Barr
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Sorry, Wrong Country

Konstantine Paradias
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