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Dream of Gerontius: Op.38: New Novello Choral Edition

Edward ElgarJohn Henry Newman
2. ISBN 1333957831 Zoom

Apologia Pro Vita Sua: Being a Reply to a Pamphlet Entitled "What, Then, Does Dr. Newman Mean?" (Classic Reprint)

John Henry Newman
3. ISBN 1889334839 Zoom

Title: The Rule of Our Warfare John Henry Newman and the

John Henry Newman
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Packet of Letters: A Selection from the Correspondence of John Henry Newman

Cardinal John Henry Newman
5. ISBN 1537752278 Zoom

The Idea of A University

John Henry Newman
6. ISBN 1549544101 Zoom

Apologia Pro Vita Sua

John Henry Newman
7. ISBN 0870612557 Zoom

Heart to Heart: A Cardinal Newman Prayerbook (Christian Classics)

John Henry Newman
8. ISBN 1977740588 Zoom

The Dream of Gerontius: Large Print Edition

Cardinal John Henry Newman D.D.
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The Idea of a University (Rethinking the Western Tradition)

John Henry Newman
10. ISBN 0852444435 Zoom

Lectures on the Present Position of Catholics (Works of Cardinal John Henry Newman: The Birmingham Oratory Millennium Edition)

John Henry Newman
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