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The House of Sounds and Others (Lovecraft's Library)

M. P. Shiel
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The Purple Cloud (Penguin Classics)

M P Shiel
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Haunts & Horrors: Strange & Supernatural Fiction by M. P. Shiel

M P Shiel
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The Purple Cloud ([Gollancz fantasy])

M. P. Shiel
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Great God Pan, The & Xelucha

Arthur MachenM.P. ShielAustin Osman Spare
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Prince Zaleski

M. P. Shiel
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The Yellow Danger (Classic Reprint)

M. P. Shiel
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The Purple Cloud

M. P. Shiel
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Things That Go Bump in the Night: A Treasury of Classic Weird

Douglas DraaDavid A. RileySir Hugh CliffordEdward Lucas WhiteWilliam Hope HodgsonGeorge Allan EnglandF. Marion CrawfordFrederick MarryatE. F. BensonW. C. MorrowAmyas NorthcoteLord DunsanyPerceval LandonM. P. ShielRobert E. HowardG. G. PendarvesHenry Brereton Marriott Watson
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The Purple Cloud

M. P. ShielS R P
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