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Castle Builders: Approaches to Castle Design and Construction in the Middle Ages

Malcolm James Baillie-Hislop
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How To Read Castles

Malcolm Hislop
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John Lewyn of Durham: A Medieval Mason in Practice (British Archaeological Reports British Series)

Malcolm J. B. Hislop
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Medieval Masons (Shire Archaeology)

Malcolm Hislop
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How to Build a Cathedral

Malcolm Hislop
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how to build a Cathedral. Constructing the story of a medieval masterpiece.

Malcolm Hislop
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Comment bâtir une cathédrale : La fascinante Histoire des chefs-d'oeuvre de l'architecture médiévale

Malcolm Hislop
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Rekishiteki kojō o yomitoku : sekai no jōkaku kenchiku to yōsai no nazo o rikaisuru bijuaru jitsuyō gaido

Malcolm Hislop; Sachiko Kuwahira
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Malcolm Hislop
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Comprendre les châteaux forts : Décoder l'architecture des forteresses médiévales

Malcolm Hislop
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