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The Ordinary Virtues: Moral Order in a Divided World

Michael Ignatieff
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Isaiah Berlin: A Life

Michael Ignatieff
3. ISBN 9780691114743 Zoom

Human Rights as Politics and Idolatry: (The University Center for Human Values Series)

Michael Ignatieff
4. ISBN 069115600X Zoom

The Hedgehog and the Fox: An Essay on Tolstoy’s View of History, Second Edition

Isaiah Berlin
5. ISBN 0674725999 Zoom

Fire and Ashes: Success and Failure in Politics

Michael Ignatieff
6. ISBN 928081107X Zoom

Making States Work: State Failure and the Crisis of Governance

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Rethinking Open Society: New Adversaries and New Opportunities

Michael Ignatieff
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A Just Measure of Pain: The Penitentiary in the Industrial Revolution 1750-1850 (Peregrine Books)

Michael Ignatieff
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Isaiah Berlin: a Life

Michael Ignatieff
10. ISBN 0714843563 Zoom


Michael Ignatieff
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