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1. ISBN 1975619730 Zoom

BLACK BRITISH HISTORY Black Influences on British Culture (1948 to 2016): 32 Hours of Teaching and Learning Material for Parents, Guardians, and Teachers of Secondary School Students

Mr Robin WalkerMs Vanika MarshallMs Paula PerryMr Anthony Vaughan
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If you want to learn Early African History START HERE

Mr Robin Walker
3. ISBN 1499363923 Zoom

The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street AND The Seven Key Empowerment Principles

Mr Robin Walker
4. ISBN 1508903123 Zoom

19 Lessons in Black History: 19 Hours of Teaching and Learning Material for Parents, Guardians and Teachers of High School Students and Key Stage 3 Students

Mr Robin Walker
5. ISBN 1492996238 Zoom

2: Blacks and Science Volume Two: West and East African Contributions to Science and Technology AND Intellectual Life and Legacy of Timbuktu

Mr Robin Walker
6. ISBN 1489578277 Zoom

1: Blacks and Science Volume One: Ancient Egyptian Contributions to Science and Technology AND The Mysterious Sciences of the Great Pyramid: Volume 1

Mr Robin Oliver Walker
7. ISBN 1500175048 Zoom

1: Blacks and Religion Volume One: What did Africa contribute to the Origin of Religion? The Equinox and the Real Story behind Easter & Understanding the Book of the Dead

Mr Robin Walker
8. ISBN 1500667390 Zoom

African Mathematics: History, Textbook and Classroom Lessons

Mr Robin Walker
9. ISBN 1519746369 Zoom

2: Blacks and Religion Volume Two: What did Black People contribute to the Origin and Evolution of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Indian Religions, and the New Religious Movements?

Mr Robin Walker
10. ISBN 1489518304 Zoom

3: Blacks and Science Volume Three: African American Contributions to Science and Technology: Volume 3

Mr Robin Walker
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