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Doctor Who: Star Tales

Steve ColePaul MagrsJenny T ColganJo CotterillTrevor BaxendaleMike Tucker
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The Creative Writing Coursebook: Forty-Four Authors Share Advice and Exercises for Fiction and Poetry

Julia BellPaul Magrs
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The Annual Years: A Celebration of the World Distributor Doctor Who Annuals

Paul Magrs
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Doctor Who: Sleeper Agents: Beyond the Doctor

Paul Magrs
5. ISBN 1785943235 Zoom

Doctor Who: The Missy Chronicles

Cavan ScottJacqueline RaynerPaul MagrsJames GossPeter AnghelidesRichard Dinnick
6. ISBN 178753443X Zoom

Doctor Who: The Winged Coven: 4th Doctor Audio Original

Paul Magrs
7. ISBN 1405942797 Zoom

Doctor Who: Tales of Terror

Mike TuckerPaul MagrsRichard DungworthScott HandcockCraig Donaghy
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The All New Doctor Who Collection ; [10 volume cased set ] ;The Pirate Loop , Wetworld, Sting of the Zygons , The Art of Desruction , Wooden Heart , Wishing Well , Sick Building , The Last Dodo, The Price of Paradise, Forever Autumn

Mark MichalowskiPaul MagrsMark MorrisStephen ColeSimon GurrieMartin DayColin BrakeJaqueline RaynerTrevor Baxendale
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Novel Inside You

Paul Magrs
10. ISBN 1909031984 Zoom

Iris Wildthyme and the Polythene Terror (New Adventures of Iris Wildthyme)

Paul Magrs
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