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1. ISBN 0874312744 Zoom

Jedi Academy Sourcebook (Star Wars)

Paul Sudlow
2. ISBN 0786926643 Zoom

Prophecies of the Dragon (The Wheel of Time)

Aaron AcevedoEvan JamiesonMichelle LyonsJames MaliszewskiCharles RyanPaul Sudlow
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Paul Sudlow: Music to Play with Your Friends - Quartets Book 1

Paul Sudlow
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Sudlow: Little Suite for Viola Trio

Paul Sudlow
5. ISBN 1889546593 Zoom

Deadlands: Monsters (Deadlands: Hell on Earth)

Robin LawsCharles RyanPaul SudlowJohn Hopler
6. ISBN 0983256039 Zoom

MasterBook Companion (Classic Reprint)

Greg FarshteyGeorge StraytonPaul SudlowJohn Terra
7. ISBN 0874312655 Zoom

Galaxy Guide 1: a New Hope

Grant Boucher; Paul Sudlow
8. ISBN 0708067174 Zoom

Paul Sudlow: Music to Play with Your Friends: Little Suite for Violin Trio

Paul Sudlow