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1. ISBN 1979713766 Zoom

Tales from the Zombie Road: The Long Haul Anthology

David A. Simpson
2. ISBN 9781721253425 Zoom

Wolfgang Anthologies Presents: Night Of The Living Cure

R.L. Chambers
3. ISBN 1976455502 Zoom

Treasured Chests - A Zombie Anthology

Marc MooreDiane CoughlinPeter MckeirnonClaire C RileyDevon C FordMarilyn PeakeDavid A SimpsonRebecca BesserChristopher ArtinianRicky FleetR L ChambersT D RickettsGrivanteValerie LioudisM R WallaceKevin J KennedyAndrew LennonSteve HiggsJaime JohneseeStuart KeaneMatt Hickman
4. ISBN 0813562465 Zoom

Health Humanities Reader

5. ISBN 0950643963 Zoom

Story of a School: King Edward VI School, Stourbridge

R. L. Chambers
6. ISBN 0996115994 Zoom

Shadows Over Main Street, Volume 2

Gary A. BraunbeckErinn L. KemperMichael WehuntC. W. LaSartSuzanne MadronMax Booth IIIEden RoyceJohn F.D. TaffDouglas WynneJay WilburnJoyce Carol OatesWilliam MeikleJoe R. LansdaleLucy A. SnyderRonald MalfiDamien Angelica WaltersJames Chambers
7. ISBN 0983433593 Zoom

Dark Tales of Lost Civilizations

Eric J. Guignard
8. ISBN 0471899879 Zoom

Analysis of Survey Data (Wiley Series in Survey Methodology)

Ray ChambersR. L. ChambersC. J. Skinner
9. ISBN 0521046157 Zoom

Beowulf an Introduction to the Study of the Poem

R. W. & C. L. Wrenn. Chambers
10. ISBN 197832572X Zoom

The Horror Squad: Road Warriors anthology

TJ WeeksJay WilburnR.L. ChambersGary GoochL. Bachman
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