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Journals of Horror: Found Fiction

Terry M. WestTodd KeislingPD CacekGlenn RolfeD.S. UlleryRobin DoverLori R. LopezJeff O'BrienRegina WestMichael Thomas-KnightMichael SeesePaul D. MarksPaula CappaStuart Keane
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Turning Face: A Tale of Horror, Comedy and Wrestling!

Terry M. West
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Picaro: A Tale of EXTREME Horror

Terry M. West
4. ISBN 1544239432 Zoom

All of the Flesh Served: A Novella

Terry M. West
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Night Things: The Monster Collection

Terry M. West
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The Hermit's Creepy Pet (Single Shot Short Story Series)

Terry M. West
7. ISBN 1518838227 Zoom

Hair and Blood Machine: A Romance from the Heart of Hell

Terry M. West
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Servant of the Red Quill: A Baker Johnson Tale

Terry M. West
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Car Nex: Special Collector's Edition (The Car Nex Story Series)

Terry M. West
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Midnight Snack: Special Collector's Edition

Terry M. West
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