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Sorting Things Out: Classification and Its Consequences (Inside Technology)

Geoffrey C. BowkerWiebe E. BijkerW. Bernard CarlsonTrevor Pinch
2. ISBN 0262521946 Zoom

Shaping Technology / Building Society: Studies in Sociotechnical Change (Inside Technology)

3. ISBN 0262511150 Zoom

Inventing the Internet (Inside Technology)

Janet AbbateWiebe E. BijkerW. Bernard CarlsonTrevor Pinch
4. ISBN 0262517604 Zoom

The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology (The MIT Press)

Wiebe E. BijkerT PinchTp HughesThomas Parke Hughes
5. ISBN 0262182645 Zoom

Far-Fetched Facts: A Parable of Development Aid (Inside Technology)

Richard RottenburgWiebe E. BijkerW. Bernard Carlson
6. ISBN 9780262514255 Zoom

Between Reason and Experience: Essays in Technology and Modernity (Inside Technology)

Andrew FeenbergMichel CallonBrian WynneWiebe E. BijkerW. Bernard CarlsonTrevor Pinch
7. ISBN 9780262035897 Zoom

Models of Innovation: The History of an Idea (Inside Technology)

Benoît GodinWiebe E. BijkerW. Bernard CarlsonTrevor Pinch
8. ISBN 0262515962 Zoom

Acting in an Uncertain World: An Essay on Technical Democracy (Inside Technology)

Michel CallonGraham BurchellPierre LascoumesYannick BartheWiebe E. Bijker
9. ISBN 0262037629 Zoom

Listening in the Field: Recording and the Science of Birdsong (Inside Technology)

Joeri BruyninckxWiebe E. BijkerW. Bernard CarlsonTrevor Pinch
10. ISBN 0262612151 Zoom

Biomedical Platforms: Realigning the Normal and the Pathological in Late-Twentieth-Century Medicine (Inside Technology)

Peter KeatingWiebe E. BijkerW. Bernard CarlsonTrevor Pinch
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