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1. ISBN 1903880130

Multi-agency Working: A Detailed Study (LGA research)

Mary Atkinsonetc.
2. ISBN 1904265790 Zoom

Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files v. 1

John Wagneretc.
3. ISBN 057107037X Zoom

Anatomy of Human Body

R.D. Lockhartetc.
4. ISBN 0124254020 Zoom

Foundations of Measurement: Geometrical, Threshold and Probabilistic Representations v. 2

Patrick Suppesetc.David M. KrantzR. Duncan LuceAmos Tversky
5. ISBN 038072572X Zoom

Changing for Good

James O. Prochaskaetc.
6. ISBN 0716705672 Zoom

Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment

Paul R. Ehrlichetc.et al.
7. ISBN 0124254039 Zoom

Foundations of Measurement: Representation, Axiomatization and Invariance v.3: Representation, Axiomatization and Invariance Vol 3

David H. Krantzetc.R. Duncan LucePatrick SuppesAmos Tversky
8. ISBN 090136701X Zoom

How to Talk Proper in Liverpool (Lern Yerself Scouse)

Frank Shawetc.
9. ISBN 0486200825 Zoom

An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists (Dover Anatomy for Artists)

W. Ellenbergeretc.
10. ISBN 0812091086 Zoom

Mastering German Vocabulary (Mastering Vocabulary)

Gabriele Forstetc.
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