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Golf: The Mind Factor

Darren L. Clarke


EAN 9781527225855

The Lost Art of Putting

Authors: Gary Nicol, Karl Morris
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Sports Publications
Published: 2018
Rank: 5581
ISBN: 9781527225855
List Price: £19.95
EAN 9780684840109

The Elements of Scoring

Authors: Ray Floyd, Jaime Diaz
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Published: 04 May 1999
Rank: 381257
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9780684840109
List Price: £15.99
EAN 9781476788036

Be a Player: A Breakthrough Approach to Playing Better ON the Golf Course

Authors: Pia Nilsson, Lynn Marriott
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Atria Books
Published: 13 July 2017
Rank: 162703
Pages: 256
ISBN: 9781476788036
List Price: £16.99
EAN 9780671612979

Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Author: Ben Hogan
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Touchstone
Published: 01 January 1986
Rank: 9075
ISBN: 9780671612979

Longridge Tour Mirror Traing Aid - Silver

Binding: Sports
Rank: 62569
EAN 9780743508094

Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect

Author: Bob Rotella
Binding: Audio CD
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Published: 01 June 2001
Rank: 683920
ISBN: 9780743508094
List Price: £17.18

PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat

Binding: Sports Apparel
Publisher: PuttOut
Rank: 437
EAN 9780743212137

Putting Out of Your Mind

Author: Dr. Bob Rotella
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Free Press
Published: 02 July 2001
Rank: 85069
Pages: 224
ISBN: 9780743212137
List Price: £19.88
EAN 9780241975084

The Pressure Principle: Handle Stress, Harness Energy, and Perform When It Counts

Author: Dr Dave Alred MBE
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Penguin
Published: 06 July 2017
Rank: 8169
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780241975084
List Price: £9.99