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Exercise Physiology: Human Bioenergetics and Its Applications

George A BrooksThomas D. FaheyKenneth M Baldwin


EAN 9781455704187

Atlas of Human Anatomy: Including Student Consult Interactive Ancillaries and Guides, 6e (Netter Basic Science)

Author: Frank H. Netter MD
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Saunders
Published: 08 May 2014
Rank: 20519
Pages: 640
ISBN: 9781455704187
List Price: £59.99
EAN 9781451193831

Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance (International Edition)

Authors: William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
Published: 01 March 2014
Rank: 12451
Pages: 1136
ISBN: 9781451193831
List Price: £54.00
EAN 9781450469432

Periodization Training for Sports

Authors: Tudor Bompa, Carlo Buzzichelli
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Human Kinetics(ADVANTAGE) (Consignment)
Published: 10 February 2015
Rank: 55979
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9781450469432
List Price: £12.99
EAN 9780415578202

Strength and Conditioning for Sports Performance

Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Routledge
Published: 17 May 2016
Rank: 1185156
Pages: 724
ISBN: 9780415578202
List Price: £125.00
EAN 9781450444828

High-Performance Training for Sports

Authors: David Joyce, Daniel Lewindon
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Human Kinetics(ADVANTAGE) (Consignment)
Published: 15 July 2014
Rank: 65884
Pages: 404
ISBN: 9781450444828
List Price: £18.99
EAN 9780736074834

Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training

Authors: Tudor O Bompa, G Gregory Haff
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Human Kinetics(ADVANTAGE) (Consignment)
Published: 02 July 2009
Rank: 230683
Pages: 480
ISBN: 9780736074834
List Price: £50.99