The Pride of the King (Bold Women of the 18th Century Series Book 2)

Amanda Hughes



Dust Devil (saga)

Author: Parris Afton Bonds
Binding: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Paradise Publishing
Published: 16 November 2013
Rank: 103455
Pages: 319
List Price: £3.61

From the Highland Mist: A First-in-Series Boxed Set

Author: Amy Jarecki
Binding: Kindle Edition
Published: 04 January 2018
Rank: 215991
Pages: 1367
List Price: £4.29

Distinguished Rogues Book 1-3: Chills, Broken, Charity

Author: Heather Boyd
Binding: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Heather Boyd
Published: 14 November 2012
Rank: 190172
Pages: 734
List Price: £6.99

Stealing Heaven (Celtic Rogues Book 5)

Author: Kimberly Cates
Binding: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Kimberly Cates Books
Published: 21 September 2015
Rank: 208954
Pages: 471
List Price: £3.49

The Lord's Captive (Border Series Book 2)

Author: Cecelia Mecca
Binding: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Altiora Press
Published: 03 June 2017
Rank: 15496
Pages: 288
List Price: £3.13

Ruined & Redeemed: The Earl's Fallen Wife (Love's Second Chance Series Book 5)

Author: Bree Wolf
Binding: Kindle Edition
Published: 22 June 2017
Rank: 12513
Pages: 310
List Price: £2.99

The Demon Duke: A Historical Regency Romance (Put Up Your Dukes Book 1)

Author: Margaret Locke
Binding: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Locked On Love Publishing
Published: 06 June 2017
Rank: 53920
Pages: 306
List Price: £2.49

To Take This Lord (The Brides of Bath Book 4)

Author: Cheryl Bolen
Binding: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Harper & Appleton
Published: 29 September 2011
Rank: 141178
Pages: 337
List Price: £3.49

The Brothers of the Aristocracy: Boxed Set

Author: Linda Rae Sande
Binding: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Twisted Teacup Publishing
Published: 23 February 2018
Rank: 11142
Pages: 1043
List Price: £0.99

Rose (Chase Family Series: The Flowers Book 3)

Author: Lauren Royal
Binding: Kindle Edition
Publisher: Novelty Books
Published: 19 August 2012
Rank: 92994
Pages: 384
List Price: £3.64