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1. ISBN 9781856753524 Zoom

The Complete Tai Chi Tutor: A structured course to achieve professional expertise

Dan Docherty
2. ISBN 2813206814 Zoom

La Bible du Tai chi

Dan Docherty
3. ISBN 9781841814339 Zoom

The Tai Chi Bible: The definitive guide to decoding the Tai Chi form (Godsfield Bibles)

Dan Docherty
4. ISBN 1847970842 Zoom

Tai Chi Chuan: Decoding the Classics for the Modern Martial Artist

Dan Docherty
5. ISBN 1861260334 Zoom

Complete Tai Chi Chuan

Dan Docherty
6. ISBN 9781453604229 Zoom

Wutan Tai Chi Chuan

Cheng Tin HungDan Docherty
7. ISBN 0952571609 Zoom

Instant Tao: The Tai Chi Chuan Discourse and Canon (Instant Tao)

Dan Docherty
8. ISBN 2813213780 Zoom

La Bible du Qi gong

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Complete Tai Chi Chuan by Dan Docherty (1997-08-25)

Dan Docherty
10. ISBN 177085410X Zoom

The Tai Chi Bible: The Definitive Guide to Decoding the Tai Chi Form (Subject Bible)

Dan Docherty
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