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General View of the Agriculture of the County of Lincolnshire

Arthur Young
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Economists Refuted and Other Early Economic Writings

Robert Torrens
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Stevedores and Dockers: Study of Trade Unionism in the Port of London

John Lovell
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Economic History of Ireland from the Union to the Famine

George A.T. O'Brien
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A history of the English Corn laws, from 1660-1846

D G Barnes
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The Industrial System

J. A. Hobson
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Gentlemen merchants: the merchant community in Leeds, 1700-1830

R.G. Wilson
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LNER Steam

O.S. Nock
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Life of the Right Honourable William Edward Forster

Sir Thomas Wemyss Reid
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Life and Times of Samuel Crompton, Inventor of the Spinning Machine Called the Mule (Documents of Social History)

Gilbert J. French
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