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Life of the Right Honourable William Edward Forster

Sir Thomas Wemyss Reid
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Gentlemen merchants: the merchant community in Leeds, 1700-1830

R.G. Wilson
3. ISBN 0678080674

Economic and Social Investigations in Manchester, 1833-1933: A Centenary History of the Manchester Statistical Society

T. S. Ashton
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Life and Times of Samuel Crompton, Inventor of the Spinning Machine Called the Mule (Documents of Social History)

Gilbert J. French
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William Hone, His Life and Times

Frederick William Hackwood
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The Truth about Cottages. Fifty Types of Cottage Specially Drawn By Bertha Stamp.

John. Woodforde
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The Cotton Trade and Industrial Lancashire, 1600-1780,

Alfred P Wadsworth
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The lead miners of the northern Pennines, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Christopher John Hunt
9. ISBN 0678014612

Anti-equilibrium: On Economic Systems Theory and the Tasks of Research (Reprints of Economic Classics)

Janos Kornai
10. ISBN 0678006695 Zoom

Great Landowners of Great Britain and Ireland

John Bateman
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