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Treasures of the Sierras: (The Yamashita Gold Loot: 60 Years After)

Priscila R. Arias
2. ISBN 1604740019 Zoom

House Music.the Real Story

Jesse Saunders
3. ISBN 141377668X Zoom

Malignant Pied Pipers of Our Time: A Psychological Study of Destructive Cult Leaders from REV. Jim Jones to Osama Bin Laden

Peter A. Olsson
4. ISBN 1607491346 Zoom

The Legend of the Angel Wing Shell

Kathleen Marie Steele
5. ISBN 1424116708 Zoom

Camille Claudel: A Novel

Alma H. BondAlma H. Bond Ph. D.
6. ISBN 1448951011 Zoom

The Christian Witch's Handbook: Solitary Practitioner's Edition

H. Fuller Hutchinson
7. ISBN 1627729984 Zoom

MIG-25: Report of a Bizarre Incident

Cees Van Groningen
8. ISBN 1424124492 Zoom

Kiss the Bear! (and Other Outrageous Things God Asked Me to Do)

Rick Barker
9. ISBN 1680908332 Zoom

The Road Goes on Forever

Lindsay FergusonSander Hogeboom
10. ISBN 1608368211 Zoom

The Vulgar Vulture

Jim Opalka
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