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The Greek and Latin Inscriptions of Caesarea Maritima (Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima Excavation Reports) (Cultural Legacies)

by C.M. Lehmann
2. ISBN 0897570588 Zoom

Shechem III (Archaeological Report)

Edward F. Campbell
3. ISBN 0897570553 Zoom

Desire, Discord and Death: Approaches to Ancient Near Eastern Myth (ASOR Books)

Neal Walls
4. ISBN 0788505858 Zoom

On the Way to Nineveh: Studies in Honor of George M. Landes (ASOR Books)

5. ISBN 0897570693 Zoom

Pyla-Koutsopetria I: Archaeological Survey of an Ancient Coastal Town: 1 (ASOR Archaeological Reports)

William CaraherR. Scott MooreDavid K. Pettegrew
6. ISBN 0788503928 Zoom

Ancient Naukratis: Excavations at a Greek Emporium in Egypt: Part I: The Excavations at Kom Ge'If (Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research)

Albert Leonard
7. ISBN 0897570251 Zoom

55: Ancient Naukratis: Part 2: Excavations at a Greek Emporium in Egypt, Part II - the Excavations at Kom Hadid (ASOR annual)

Albert Leonard Jr
8. ISBN 0897570731 Zoom

Cyprus and the Balance of Empires: Art and Archaeology from Justinian I to the Coeur de Lion (Archaeological Reports) (ASOR Archaeological Reports)

Annemarie Weyl Carr
9. ISBN 0897570936 Zoom

The Shammakh to Ayl Archaeological Survey, Southern Jordan (2010-2012) (ASOR Archaeological Reports)

Burton MacDonaldGeoffrey A. ClarkLarry G. HerrD. Scott QuaintanceHani HayajnehJurg Eggler
10. ISBN 0897570626 Zoom

Shechem III: Vol. 2: The Stratigraphy and Architecture of Shechem/Tell Balatah (ASOR Archaeological Reports)

Edward F. Campbell
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