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Hobbes's Leviathan: Reprinted From the Edition of 1651

Thomas HobbesW G. Pogson Smith
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Remarks On the Sonnets of Shakespeare: With the Sonnets. Sho Wing That They Belong to the Hermetic Class of Writings, and Explaining Their General Meaning and Purpose

Ethan Allen Hitchcock
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The Orchidaceae Of Mexico And Guatemala

Bateman Jas.
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New Light on the Early History of the Greater Northwest. The Manuscript Journals of Alexander Henry ... and of David Thompson ... 1799-1814. ... Missouri and Columbia Rivers; Volume 3

Alexander HenryDavid ThompsonElliott Coues
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A Journal Of Hospital Life In The Confederate Army Of Tennessee: From The Battle Of Shiloh To The End Of The War: With Sketches Of Life And Character, ... Notices Of Current Events During That Period

Kate Cumming
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The History And Topographical Survey Of The County Of Kent, Volume 7

Edward Hasted
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The Story of my Life; Recollections and Reflections

Ellen Terry
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Blücher and the Uprising of Prussia Against Napoleon, 1806-1815

Ernest Flagg Henderson
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