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The Science of Everyday Life: An Entertaining and Enlightening Examination of Everything We Do and Everything We See

Len Fisher
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The Trouble with Being Born

E. M. Cioran
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Bringing Columbia Home: The Untold Story of a Lost Space Shuttle and Her Crew

Michael LeinbachJonathan Ward
4. ISBN 1628724390 Zoom

Black Dahlia Avenger: A Genius for Murder: The True Story

Steve Hodel
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In the Name of Identity: Violence and the Need to Belong

Amin Maalouf
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What You Should Know About Politics . . . But Don't: A Nonpartisan Guide to the Issues That Matter

Jessamyn Conrad
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Hitler's Last Secretary

Traudl Junge; E
8. ISBN 9781611454017 Zoom

The Substance of Civilization: Materials and Human History from the Stone Age to the Age of Silicon

Stephen L. Sass
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Stanley Kubrick and Me: Thirty Years at His Side

Emilio D'AlessandroFilippo Ulivieri
10. ISBN 9781628727975 Zoom

Periods Gone Public: Taking a Stand for Menstrual Equity

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf
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