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Edward Elgar's 7 Lieder

Edward William ElgarSimon WastellLord TennysonA. Lindsay GordonEllen BurroughsJohn HayLongfellowBarry Pain
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The Unashamed Accompanist

Gerald Moore
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Songs of Yesterday and Before, etc

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Mozart Recit: E Susanna Non Vien! Aria: Dove Sono For Soprano (Sheet Music)

W A Mozart
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Selection from The Maid of the Mountains [Sheet Music]

Harold; Morgan, Merlin Fraser-Simson
6. ASIN B0000CUXH9

Sam Pig's courting Song. Unison song, words by Alison Uttley. [Staff and tonic sol-fa notation.] (Mortimer Series of modern Part-songs)

David Davis
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A Thousand beautiful Things. Song words by Richard Corrin

Haydn Wood
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The Stars looked down. Song, words by L. Glanville

Haydn Wood
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Like to the Damask Rose (Gleich wie der roten Rose Pracht)

Edward ElgarSimon Westell
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Mozart Recit: Giunse Alfin IL Momento Aria: Deh Vieni, Non Tardar For Soprano (Sheet Music)

W A Mozart
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