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61. ISBN 1110840152 Zoom

Dido, Queen of Carthage

Thomas Nash, Christopher Marlowe
62. ISBN 1117659631 Zoom

Oeuvres complètes

Charles Baudelaire
63. ISBN 0554721384 Zoom

A Primer of Organ Registration

Gordon Balch Nevin
64. ISBN 111531484X Zoom

The Lyon in mourning : or, A collection of speeches, letters, journals etc. relative to the affairs

Henry Paton
65. ISBN 0559122993 Zoom

The Kabbalah Unveiled

S.L. MacGregor Mathers
66. ISBN 1115197754 Zoom

Echoes of the Playhouse. Reminiscences of Some Past Glories of the English Stage

Edward Robins
67. ISBN 1113463511 Zoom

A Ride in Morocco among Believers and Traders

Frances Macnab
68. ISBN 111083005X Zoom

British Weights and Measures

Colonel Sir C. M. Watson
69. ISBN 0554834618 Zoom

The Therapeutical Applications of Peroxide of Hydrogen (Medicinal), and Glycozone

Charles Marchand
70. ISBN 1103809784 Zoom

Twenty-One Years in Papua: A History of the English Church Mission in New Guinea (1891-1912)

Arthur Kent Chignell
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