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71. ISBN 0554436949 Zoom

Translation from Alexander Petöfi: The Magyar Poet

Sándor Petfi
72. ISBN 143752981X Zoom

The Morris Book, Part I: A History of Morris Dancing, With a Description of Eleven Dances as Performed by the Morris-Men of England

Cecil J. Sharp
73. ISBN 1117249565 Zoom

The Life Of Sophia Jex-Blake

Margaret Georgina Todd
74. ISBN 1117059251 Zoom


Alfred Forke
75. ISBN 1110284829 Zoom

Cautionary tales for children: designed for the admonition of children between the ages of eight

Belloc, Hilaire
76. ISBN 1103667602 Zoom

Si-yu-ki: Buddhist Records of the Western World, Volume I

Faxian, Xuanzhi Yang, Xuanzang, Samuel Beal
77. ISBN 055938095X Zoom

Toxophilus: 1545

Roger Ascham
78. ISBN 1116153602 Zoom

The annals of Roger de Hoveden : Comprising the history of England and of other countries of Europe

Henry Thomas Riley
79. ISBN 0554974398 Zoom

Frithiofs Saga

Esaias Tegnér
80. ISBN 1140241389 Zoom

The English Staircase

Walter H Godfrey
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