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A list of buildings in Great Britain and Ireland having mural and other painted decorations, of date

South Kensington MuseumCharles Edward Keyser
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A Military Geography of the Balkan Peninsula

Lyde, Lionel W. (Lionel William)
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A Glossary of Words Used in the Dialect of Cheshire

Roger Wilbraham, Egerton Leigh
74. ISBN 1103318993 Zoom

Modern Business Corporations, Including the Organization and Management

William Allen Wood
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A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ, Volume I

Emil Schürer
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Geschichte der Musik

August Wilhelm AmbrosGustav NottebohmCarl Ferdinand BeckerOtto Kade
77. ISBN 1113148179 Zoom

The Divine Legation of Moses Demonstrated

Warburton, William
78. ISBN 1434629945 Zoom

The Wide; Wide World

Susan Warner
79. ISBN 1116440482 Zoom

A History of the Great War

John Buchan
80. ISBN 111063174X Zoom

The War Book of the German General Staff

J. H. Morgan
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