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1. ISBN 124113510X Zoom

Descriptive Guide to Prince Charlie's Country, including Fort-William ... Ben Nevis, and Glencoe. [With illustrations.]

Donald Macintyre
2. ISBN 1241320659 Zoom

In and about ancient Ipswich: illustrating the origin and growth of an old English historic town ... With ... illustrations drawn by P. E. Stimpson.

John Ellor TaylorP E. Stimpson
3. ISBN 1241421498 Zoom

Alston Moor: its pastoral people: its mines and miners; from the earliest periods to recent times. [With a map.]

William Wallace
4. ISBN 1241046646 Zoom

Sedbergh, Garsdale and Dent. Peeps at the past history and present condition of some picturesque Yorkshire Dales ... Illustrated ... by J. A. Symington.

William Thompson
5. ISBN 1241188122 Zoom

Her Wild Oats. A novel.

John Bickerdyke
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[( The History of Bandon, and the Principal Towns in the West Riding of County Cork. Enlarged Edition, with Illustrations [And a Portrait]. )] [by: George B L Bennett] [Feb-2011]

George B L Bennett
7. ISBN 1241522308 Zoom

A Thousand Miles up the Nile ... With ... illustrations, etc.

Amelia Blandford Edwards
8. ISBN 1241555583 Zoom

The Battle of Barnet.

Frederick Cass
9. ISBN 1241570469 Zoom

The history and Antiquities of Scarborough and the Vicinity, with views and plans.

Thomas Hinderwell
10. ISBN 1241024839 Zoom

The Life and Adventures of Toby, the Sapient Pig; with his opinions on men and manners. Written by himself.

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