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The Apples of Apollo: Pagan and Christian Mysteries of the Eucharist

Carl A. P. RuckBlaise Daniel StaplesClark Heinrich
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Intensive Latin First Year & Review: A User's Manual

Carl A. P. Ruck
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The Kidney Sellers: A Journey of Discovery in Iran by Sigrid Fry-Revere (2014-03-01)

Sigrid Fry-Revere
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Propositions on Christian Theology: A Pilgrim Walks the Plank

Kim Fabricius
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Plain English for Lawyers

Richard C. Wydick
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Voices Of African Women: Women's Rights In Ghana, Uganda, And Tanzania

7. ISBN 0890896380 Zoom

Flesh and Bone: An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology

Myriam Nafte
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Reading Like a Lawyer: Time-Saving Strategies for Reading Law Like an Expert

Ruth Ann McKinney
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The Severed Snake: Matrilineages, Making Place, and a Melanesian Christianity in Southeast Solomon Islands

Michael W. Scott
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The Maintenance of Life: Preventing Social Death Through Euthanasia Talk and End-of-life Care-lessons from the Netherlands

Frances Norwood
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