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Investigating the Russian Mafia: An Introduction for Students, Law Enforcement, and International Business

Joseph D. Serio
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Plain English for Lawyers

Richard C. Wydick
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Biglaw: How to Survive the First Two Years of Practice in a Mega-Firm, Or, the Art of Doc Review

Sarah Powell (Wr
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The Five Types of Legal Argument

Wilson Ray Huhn
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Flesh and Bone: An Introduction to Forensic Anthropology

Myriam Nafte
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The Sign of the Witch: Modernity and the Pagan Revival (Ritual Studies Monograph)

David Waldron
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The Apples of Apollo: Pagan and Christian Mysteries of the Eucharist

Carl A. P. RuckBlaise Daniel StaplesClark Heinrich
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Plain English for Lawyers

Richard Wydick
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Early Mesopotamian Law

Russ VerSteeg
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Introduction to German Legal Methods

Reinhold Zippelius
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