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Revels for 1588 - English dances of the Armada year

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Sonare et Balare - Dances of the 15th century

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For the Ballroom and the Stage: Dances for 18th century France and England

Anne Daye; Dorothee Wortelboer; Jorgen Schou-Pedersen
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Princely Masques and Revels

Anne Daye; Judy Smith and Ian Gatiss
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Minuet to Mazurka 1745-1845 : Dances from Europe. Dancing in Scotland. Dances of France & England. Book & 4 CD's.

Jorgon Schou-PedersonAnne DayeEllis Rodgers
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L'arte perfetta del danzare - Dances of the 15th century : BOOK & CD.