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1. ISBN 0747243565 Zoom

An Ancient Evil (Canterbury Tales Mysteries, Book 1): Disturbing and macabre events in medieval England: The Knight's Tale of Mystery and Murder as He ... to Canterbury (Canterbury Tales Mysteries 1)

Paul Doherty
2. ISBN 0747251010 Zoom

Bite: A vivid and shocking vampire novel

Richard Laymon
3. ISBN 0747248060 Zoom

Quake: A deadly earthquake and a deadly predator…

Richard Laymon
4. ISBN 0747236658 Zoom

Darkness, Tell Us: An adventure turns sour in this chilling tale

Richard Laymon
5. ISBN 0747251029 Zoom

After Midnight: An unforgettable tale of one horrific night

Richard Laymon
6. ISBN 0747245096 Zoom

In the Dark: A treasure hunt turns deadly

Richard Laymon
7. ISBN 0747258309 Zoom

Night in the Lonesome October: Heartbreak leads to a sinister after-dark journey

Richard Laymon
8. ISBN 074724782X Zoom

Night Show: She’ll never forget her night in a haunted house…

Richard Laymon
9. ISBN 0747235325 Zoom

Flesh: A deadly creature hunts for new victims

Richard Laymon
10. ISBN 074723891X Zoom

The Fraternity of the Stone

David Morrell
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