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The Battle of Britain: Portraits of the Few

Christopher YeomanGeoffrey Wellum
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Bomber Command: Failed to Return

Steve BondSteve DarlowJulian Evan-HartSean FeastAdam PurcellChristopher Yeoman
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On Wings of Fortune: A Bomber Pilot's War from the Battle of Britain, to Germany, North Africa, and Accident Investigation in the Far East

WC Richard PinkhamSteve Darlow
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Pathfinder Cranswick

Michael Cumming
5. ISBN 0992620716 Zoom

D-Day Bomber Command Failed to Return

Steve DarlowSean FeastMarc Hall
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Great War to Great Escape: The Two Wars of Flight Lieutenant Bernard 'Pop' Green MC

Laurence Green
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Bomber Command: Failed to Return II

Steve BondSteve DarlowJulian Evan-HartSean FeastLinzee DruceAndrew Macdonald
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By Calton Younger No Flight From The Cage: The Compelling Memoir of a Bomber Command Prisoner of War During the Second World War (Revised and extended ed)

Calton Younger
9. ISBN 0956269680 Zoom

They Gave Me a Hurricane

Charles Palliser
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Fighting High: World War Two: Air Battle Europe: v. 2

Steve Darlow
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