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Stirling to Essen: The Godmanchester Stirling: A Bomber Command Story of Courage and Tragedy

Roger Leivers
2. ISBN 0993415261 Zoom

Slybirds: A Photographic Odyssey of the 353rd Fighter Group During the Second World War

Graham Cross
3. ISBN 0993415296 Zoom

Last of the Kriegies: The Extraordinary True Life Experiences of Five Bomber Command Prisoners of War

Reg BarkerCharles ClarkeDavid FraserAlbert GunnHenry WagnerSteve Darlow
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Bomber Command: Battle of Berlin Failed to Return

Steve BondSteve DarlowSean FeastAndy MacdonaldRobert OwenNicole RusselHoward Sandall
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A Ruddy Awful Waste: Eric Lock DSO, DFC & Bar: The Brief Life of a Battle of Britain Ace

Steve BrewMike Bradbury
6. ISBN 0992620791 Zoom

V-Weapons Bomber Command Failed to Return

Howard SandallRobert OwenMarc HallSean FeastSteve DarlowDr Steve Bond
7. ISBN 0957116349 Zoom

Dam Busters: Failed to Return

Robert OwenSteve DarlowSean FeastArthur Thorning
8. ISBN 0957116322 Zoom

1st Bedfordshires - Part Two: Arras to the Armistice (Soldier Lads - First World War)

Steven Fuller
9. ISBN 0993212972 Zoom

First Out In Earnest: The Remarkable Life of Jo Lancaster DFC from Bomber Command Pilot to Test Pilot and the Martin Baker Ejection Seat

David Gunby
10. ISBN 0992620783 Zoom

Zemke's Wolfpack: A Photographic Odyssey of the 56th Fighter Group During the Second World War

Peter RandallNigel Julian
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