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Last of the Kriegies: The Extraordinary True Life Experiences of Five Bomber Command Prisoners of War

Reg BarkerCharles ClarkeDavid FraserAlbert GunnHenry WagnerSteve Darlow
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Stirling to Essen: The Godmanchester Stirling: A Bomber Command Story of Courage and Tragedy

Roger Leivers
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Slybirds: A Photographic Odyssey of the 353rd Fighter Group During the Second World War

Graham Cross
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Bomber Command: Battle of Berlin Failed to Return

Steve BondSteve DarlowSean FeastAndy MacdonaldRobert OwenNicole RusselHoward Sandall
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Dam Busters: Failed to Return

Robert OwenSteve DarlowSean FeastArthur Thorning
6. ISBN 0993415237 Zoom

A Ruddy Awful Waste: Eric Lock DSO, DFC & Bar: The Brief Life of a Battle of Britain Ace

Steve BrewMike Bradbury
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Zemke's Wolfpack: A Photographic Odyssey of the 56th Fighter Group During the Second World War

Peter RandallNigel Julian
8. ISBN 0992620708 Zoom

Henry Maudslay Dam Buster

Robert Owen
9. ISBN 0993212972 Zoom

First Out In Earnest: The Remarkable Life of Jo Lancaster DFC from Bomber Command Pilot to Test Pilot and the Martin Baker Ejection Seat

David Gunby
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The Bomber Command Memorial: We Will Remember Them

Robin GibbSteve DarlowJim Dooley
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