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The Sikandar Nāma, E Bará, or Book of Alexander the Great, Written A. D. 1200: Translated for the First Time Out of the Persian Into Prose, With ... and With a Life of the Author, Collected Fro

Nizami Ganjavi
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The "Leather-Stocking" Tales: I. The Deerslayer; II. The Last of the Mohicans; III. The Pathfinder; IV. The Pioneers; V. The Prairie (Classic Reprint)

James Fenimore Cooper
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A Plain Argumentative Sermon, on the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity (Classic Reprint)

George Burder
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Natural Principles of Rectitude for the Conduct of Man in All States and Situations of Life: Demonstrated and Explained in a Systematic Treatise on Moral Philosophy (Classic Reprint)

John Daniel Gros
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A Commentarie Upon the First Chapter of the Epistle of Saint Paul, Written to the Ephesians: Wherein, Besides the Text Fruitfully Explained; Some ... and Divers Arguments of Arminius Are Examined

Paul Bayne
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The Blindman, Vol. 1: Independents' Number; April 10th, 1917 (Classic Reprint)

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Montana, Its Story and Biography, Vol. 3: A History of Aboriginal and Territorial Montana and Three Decades of Statehood (Classic Reprint)

Tom Stout
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History of Grant County, Wisconsin: Containing an Account of Its Settlement, Growth, Development, and Resources; An Extensive and Minute Sketch of Its ... Manufactories, Churches, Schools and Societie

Consul Willshire Butterfield
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Typographia: An Historical Sketch of the Origin and Progress of the Art of Printing (Classic Reprint)

Thomas Curson Hansard
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Our New Possessions: A Graphic Account, Descriptive and Historical, of the Tropic Islands of the Sea Which Have Fallen Under Our Sway, Their Cities, ... They Offer to Americans (Classic Reprint)

Trumbull White
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