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British War Dogs: Their Training and Psychology (Classic Reprint)

Edwin Hautonville Richardson
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Gustavus Adolphus: A History of the Art of War From Its Revival After the Middle Ages to the End of the Spanish Succession War, With a Detailed ... of the Great Swede (Classic Reprint)

Theodore Ayrault Dodge
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The Stirlings of Keir: And Their Family Papers (Classic Reprint)

William Fraser
4. ISBN 9781396246258 Zoom

IL Regno Degli Slavi Hoggi Corrottamente Detti Schiavoni: Historia (Classic Reprint)

Mauro Orbini
5. ISBN 9781451018592 Zoom

Memoirs of an Aristocrat, and Reminiscences of the Emperor (Classic Reprint)

A. Midshipman Of The Bellerophon
6. ISBN 0282712216 Zoom

American Ornithology, Vol. 2 of 4: Or the Natural History of the Birds of the United States (Classic Reprint)

Alexander Wilson
7. ISBN 0331832127 Zoom

Mental Deficiency (Amentia) (Classic Reprint)

Alfred Frank Tredgold
8. ISBN 1528395840 Zoom

The Humours of Cynicus (Classic Reprint)

Cynicus Cynicus
9. ISBN 028241925X Zoom

Brüder Grimm: Deutsche Sagen (Classic Reprint)

Jacob Grimm
10. ISBN 0282968415 Zoom

A Treatise of Specters, or Straunge Sights, Visions, and Apparitions Appearing Sensibly Unto Men: Wherein Is Delivered the Nature of Spirites, Angels, ... Witches, Sorcerers, Enchanters, and Such Like

Pierre le Loyer
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