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From Bow to Biennale: Artists of the East London Group

David Buckman
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Cornwall's First Golden Age: From Arthur to the Normans (Cornish and Celtic Alternatives Series)

Bernard W. Deacon
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Four Modern Cornish Plays

4. ISBN 1903427940 Zoom

The Polar North: Ways of Speaking, Ways of Belonging

Stephen Pax Leonard
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Collected Writings on Literature and Revolution

Victor Serge
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Ordinary Citizens: The Victims of Stalin

David King
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Comrades in Conscience: The Story of an English Community's Opposition to the Great War

Cyril Pearce
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Enterprising Women: The Garretts and Their Circle

Elizabeth Crawford
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Worthless Men: Race, Eugenics and the Death Penalty in the British Army During the First World War

Gerard Oram
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Southern Harvest: English Folk Songs from the Hammond and Gardiner Manuscripts

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