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1. ISBN 095257263X Zoom

Whithorxss Christian Beginnings

Thomas Charles
2. ASIN B006FJQQ30

Whithorn’s Christian Beginnings (First Whithorn Lecture, 19th September 1992)

Charles Thomas
3. ISBN 0952572605

Whithorn and the Northumbrian Expansion Westwards (Whithorn Lecture)

Rosemary Cramp
4. ASIN B00M6606PA

The Search For St Ninian

Daphne Brooke
5. ISBN Zoom

The Medieval Cult of St. Ninian: Lecture to the Friends of the Whithorn Trust on 6th December, 1987

Daphne Brooke
6. ISBN 0954423208 Zoom

The Reformed Church in Medieval Galloway and Cumbria Contrasts, Connections and Continuities: Eleventh Whithorn Lecture

Keith J. Stringer
7. ISBN 0952572680

Whithorn Priory in the Late Middle Ages: Second Whithorn Lecture 1993

Mark Dilworth
8. ISBN 0952572672

Saints and Goddesses: The Interface with Celtic Paganism - 7th Whithorn Lecture 1998

Daphne Brooke
9. ISBN 0952572656 Zoom

Ambiguous Birds and Beasts: Three Sculptural Puzzles in South-west Scotland (Whithorn Lecture)

Richard N. Bailey

The Churches of North Britain in the First Viking Age

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