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Whithorxss Christian Beginnings

Thomas Charles
2. ASIN B00M6606PA

The Search For St Ninian

Daphne Brooke
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The Medieval Cult of St. Ninian: Lecture to the Friends of the Whithorn Trust on 6th December, 1987

Daphne Brooke
4. ISBN 0954423208 Zoom

The Reformed Church in Medieval Galloway and Cumbria Contrasts, Connections and Continuities: Eleventh Whithorn Lecture

Keith J. Stringer
5. ISBN 0952572680

Whithorn Priory in the Late Middle Ages: Second Whithorn Lecture 1993

Mark Dilworth
6. ISBN 0952572672

Saints and Goddesses: The Interface with Celtic Paganism - 7th Whithorn Lecture 1998

Daphne Brooke
7. ISBN 0952572656 Zoom

Ambiguous Birds and Beasts: Three Sculptural Puzzles in South-west Scotland (Whithorn Lecture)

Richard N. Bailey
8. ISBN 0952572613 Zoom

A Monastery and Its Landscape: Whithorn and Monastic Estate Management in Galloway (c1250-c1600) (Whithorn Lecture)

Richard Oram
9. ISBN 0952572605

Whithorn and the Northumbrian Expansion Westwards (Whithorn Lecture)

Rosemary Cramp
10. ISBN 0954423232

Saint Ninian and Pictomania: The Twelfth Whithorn Lecture

G.W.S. Barrow
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