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Gulf Charities and Islamic Philanthropy in the Age of Terror and Beyond

Jonathan BenthallRobert Lacey
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Gulfization of the Arab World: Exeter Critical Gulf Series 1

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In Search of Ali ibn Abi Talib's Codex: History and Traditions of the Earliest Copy of the Qur'an (Foreword by James Piscatori)

Seyfeddin Kara
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Economic Diversification in the Gulf States: Public Expenditure and Non-Oil Economic Growth in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar

Yesenn El-Radhi
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The Fatwa as an Islamic Legal Instrument: Concept, Historical Role, Contemporary Relevance (3 Vols) (Islamic Studies)

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Islam - Submission and Disobedience (Collected Essays on Islam and Politics)

Sadik J. Al-Azm
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Is Islam Secularizable? Challenging Political and Religious Taboos (Collected Essays on Islam and Politics)

Sadik J. Al-Azm
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Desert Disputes: the Diplomacy of Boundary-Making in South-Eastern Arabia (2 Vols)

J.B. Kelly
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The Qur'an Revealed: A Critical Analysis of Said Nursi's Epistles of Light

Colin Turner
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Reform of Islam. Forty Theses for an Islamic Ethics in the 21st Century: Translated from the German by George Stergios

Abdel-Hakim Ourghi
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