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Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning

Peter C. BrownHenry L. RoedigerMark A. Mcdaniel
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Girolamo Frescobaldi

Frederick Hammond
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Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Thomas PikettyArthur Goldhammer
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Pandora’s Box: A History of the First World War

Jörn LeonhardPatrick Camiller
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Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian-Heritage Societies

Claire L. AdidaDavid D. LaitinMarie-anne Valfort
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The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government

Richard A. Epstein
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Haunted by Chaos: China’s Grand Strategy from Mao Zedong to Xi Jinping

Sulmaan Wasif Khan
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Alexander Wilson: The Scot Who Founded American Ornithology

Edward H. BurttWilliam E. Davis
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The People vs. Democracy: Why Our Freedom Is in Danger and How to Save It

Yascha Mounk
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Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World

Samuel Moyn
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