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1. ISBN 0989020762 Zoom

Yes, Roya

C. Spike Trotman
2. ISBN 0970873131 Zoom

Smut Peddler: 2014 Edition: A Superior Pornucopia for Classy Dames (and the Forward-Thinking Gentleman)

3. ISBN 1945820225 Zoom

The Art of Kaneoya Sachiko

4. ISBN 194582008X Zoom

The Complete Girls with Slingshots

5. ISBN 1945820241 Zoom

The Girl Who Married a Skull: and Other African Stories (Cautionary Fables and Fairytales)

Mary Cagle
6. ISBN 0970873174 Zoom

New World: An Anthology of Sci-Fi and Fantasy

7. ISBN 1945820063 Zoom

As the Crow Flies

Melanie Gillman
8. ISBN 1945820209 Zoom

FTL, Y'all!

AhueonaoDavid AndryNN ChanEvan DahmJonathon DaltonBlue DelliquantiAlexxander DovelinSara DuvallJay EatonCheez HayamaMulele JarvisIris JayJamie KayeMaia KobabeRachel OrdwayKay RossbachAinsley SeagoCB WebbNathaniel Wilson
9. ISBN 1945820268 Zoom

The Chancellor and the Citadel

Maria Capelle Frantz
10. ISBN 0989020754 Zoom

Something Terrible

Dean Trippe
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