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The Strip: Las Vegas and the Architecture of the American Dream

Stefan Al
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Designing Sound

Andy Farnell
43. ISBN 0262035545 Zoom

Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost its Edge in Computing (History of Computing)

Marie Hicks
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Incontinence of the Void: Economico-Philosophical Spandrels (Short Circuits)

Slavoj Zizek
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The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty (Software Studies)

Benjamin H. Bratton
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The Outer Limits of Reason: What Science, Mathematics, and Logic Cannot Tell Us

Noson S. Yanofsky
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The Architecture of the City (Oppositions Books)

Aldo Rossi
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Typologies of Industrial Buildings

Bernd BecherHilla Becher
49. ISBN 0262517671 Zoom

Computing: A Concise History (MIT Press Essential Knowledge)

Pe Ceruzzi
50. ISBN 0262534134 Zoom

What is Sex? (Short Circuits)

Alenka Zupancic
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