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41. ISBN 0262535971 Zoom

Robot-Proof: Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (The MIT Press)

Joseph E Aoun
42. ISBN 0262534290 Zoom

Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions (The MIT Press)

Gary A Klein
43. ISBN 0262522934 Zoom

Puppets, Masks, and Performing Objects (The MIT Press)

John Bell
44. ISBN 026272006X Zoom

Learning From Las Vegas: The Forgotten Symbolism of Architectural Form (The MIT Press)

Robert VenturiDenise Scott BrownSteven Izenour
45. ISBN 026256100X Zoom

The Seasoned Schemer (The MIT Press)

Daniel P. FriedmanMatthias Felleisen
46. ISBN 0262162091 Zoom

Types and Programming Languages (The MIT Press)

Benjamin C Pierce
47. ISBN 0262600668 Zoom

Irrational Modernism: A Neurasthenic History of New York Dada (The MIT Press)

Amelia Jones
48. ISBN 0262036940 Zoom

Beyond the Self: Conversations Between Buddhism and Neuroscience (The MIT Press)

Matthieu RicardWolf Singer
49. ISBN 9780262513135 Zoom

The Simple Science of Flight: From Insects to Jumbo Jets (The MIT Press)

Henk Tennekes
50. ISBN 0262535041 Zoom


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