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41. ISBN 0262035812 Zoom

Monetary Theory and Policy (The MIT Press)

Carl E. Walsh
42. ISBN 0262029448 Zoom

Fundamentals of Machine Learning for Predictive Data Analytics: Algorithms, Worked Examples, and Case Studies (The MIT Press)

John D. KelleherBrian Mac NameeAoife D`arcy
43. ISBN 9780262019828 Zoom

A Case for Climate Engineering (Boston Review Books)

David KeithDeborah Chasman
44. ISBN 9780262514767 Zoom

Causing Human Actions: New Perspectives on the Causal Theory of Action (A Bradford Book)

Jesús H. AguilarAndrei A. BuckareffMichael S. MooreMichael SmithJennifer Hornsby
45. ISBN 9780262610520 Zoom

The Economics of Regulation: Principles and Institutions (The MIT Press)

Ae Kahn
46. ISBN 0262529076 Zoom

Java Precisely (The MIT Press)

Peter Sestoft
47. ISBN 0262534282 Zoom

The Beauty of Numbers in Nature: Mathematical Patterns and Principles from the Natural World (Mit Press)

Ian Stewart
48. ISBN 1912685191 Zoom

Notes Made While Falling (Goldsmiths Press)

Jenn Ashworth
49. ISBN 9780262019873 Zoom

Analyzing Neural Time Series Data: Theory and Practice (The MIT Press)

Mike X Cohen
50. ISBN 0262232588 Zoom

Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data (The MIT Press)

Jeffrey M Wooldridge
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